“Ayaw daw muna magpaligaw, pero ang totoo, hindi lang gwapo kaya ayaw. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Ang sarap sa feeling pag nakamove on ka na. :)

Pag sinabi kong akin ka, akin ka. Pero kapag sinabi mong sakanya ka. Edi pakyu ka. HAHAHA


Sa panahon ngayon, sarili mo nalang talaga mapagkakatiwalaan mo.

Minsan, wala kang kailangang gawin para mapansin.


The most romantic kisses that I want to have with you

i. The first kiss. I want our first kiss to be the typical one because I know that will be sweet. We will have our first date somewhere in the city. Maybe we will go to the mall and watch our favorite movie. Then that will be the time when you will first hold my hand. We will then have our dinner together and you will walk me home. Just as when we are outside my door, you will lean in so close to my face and give me that sweet, tender, butterfly first kiss just before you say good night and good bye.

ii. The rain kiss. This will be the playful and dreamy one. I want us to go to the park where a lot of children play and just as when it rains, everyone will run for their shelter, everyone but us. I want us to pla through the rain even if we are soaking wet. I want us to enjoy the water from heaven as if receiving all the blessings in it with open arms. Then just as when we are alone and we are tired from playing and we are wet because of the rain, we will have that passionate kiss. That kind of kiss that says that we will love each other no matter what the weather is.

iii. The sunset kiss. This will also be typical yet romantic. I want us to go to the beach just to watch the sunset. You know how much I am in love with nature and the view of the sun while it sets is one of the most breath taking views ever. I want us to sit side by side as we calm ourselves with the serene atmosphere it sends. And then just as when the sun is going down, you will look intently into my eyes and down to my lips, you will close the gap between us and slowly, press your lips into mine as they lock into a succulent kiss.

iv. The fireworks kiss. You know, I always wanted to spend the new year’s celebration with you. I want to be by your side as the world counts down into the end of the current year and welcome the next year that is about to come. I want us to have the new year’s kiss. That kind of kiss that will start five seconds before the year ends and it will only be broken when the new year has arrived. Kissing you would be the last and first thing that I want to do every year. I want us to have it just as when the world is cheering happy new year and the fireworks is our background. That will be sweet and exhilarating at the same time.

v. The ferris wheel kiss. I always wanted to go to the carnival with you. I want to play all the games there. I want to go to all the thrilling rides that are available there. I want to conquer my fear of heights with you. Then, I want to ride the ferris wheel just because I know I would see the whole city and I want to kiss you while we are on top. I like the idea of us being on top of the world. No one knows and no one will care about what we are doing. Just as when the ferris wheel turns into the highest point, I will quickly lean my face so close to yours and give you an urgent kiss that surely will be over the moon and that will be amazing.

vi. The wedding kiss. Now this is what I always wanted to have with you. This will be on our special day, the day when we will become one. I will wear the most beautiful white dress that I could ever own and everyone— our family and friends will witness this magical moment. Just as when the priest gives us the signal to do so, you will remove the veil that is covering my face and slowly but gently, you will close the gap between our faces and kiss me passionately. This will be the kiss that marks our union and kisses after this will be countless because I will never get tired of kissing you till death do us part.

Nakakatawang balikan yung mga panahong sobrang in love ka sa maling tao.

Wag mo nang hintayin yung taong hindi na babalik.